Beacon Park Condominiums

- Maintenance -

  - Clothes Dryers -  
  Venting - if your clothing is taking too long to dry check the vent hose as it is likely clogged.  
  - Dishwashers -  
  GE Dishwasher Recall
  Defective heating element switches effect 1983-89 Hotpoint models.   
  - Hot Water Heaters -  
  Inspection - periodically check your water heater for leaks. Also, check the battery on the leak alarm. Water heater leaks have been the largest source of property damage to the Park.

Alarms - Leak sensors have been installed on hot water heaters. If you hear an alarm in the closet, it is probably your hot water heater leaking into the drain pan.

Drain Pans - if you install a new hot water heater it must be installed in a drain pan.

  - Microwaves -  
  Whirlpool, KitchenAid, and Kenmore Microwave Recall
"Over the Range" Microwave-Hood Models 1998 - 2001
  - Smoke Detectors -  
  Inspection - periodically check household smoke detectors to ensure that they are in working order. If a detector starts chirping periodically it needs maintenance, most likely a new battery.  
  - Washing Machines -  
  Hose Replacement - Rubber washing machine hoses should be replaced with stainless steel ones. Older rubber hoses have been a source of water leaks. These are available at local home center stores. If your washer has rubber hoses, please replace them immediately.  

  - Bathroom  Outlets -  
  Not working - the bathroom outlets in the park are on a ground fault circuit breaker located in the electrical panel (marked test). Push the breaker to Off then On to reset.  

  Heating & Air Conditioning
  - Heat Pumps -  
  Filter Replacement - the system filter should be replaced at least twice annually. Replacement filters are available at hardware stores, or Home Depot.

Inspection & Maintenance - the system should inspected and checked for proper function on an annual basis.


  - Toilets -  
  Leaks - Bolts on the toilets have been rusting and causing water damage. Inspect them periodically and replace them to prevent damage to floor and units below.  

  - Checklist -  (PDF format)  
  This is a checklist for periodic review of the current safety condition of your unit. It includes checks for basic fire, electrical, and water safety.  

  - Multiple Line Services -  
  Many tenants have the need for multiple telephone lines for internet access, children, fax machines, etc. Unfortunately, each telephone jack in park units is wired in a chain. (all hooked together) This makes it difficult to allow separate numbers to ring in separate rooms. There are two ways to handle this problem without expensive re-wiring.

First, if a line can be shared for multiple uses like fax and voice or primary and children's line, the phone company can provide a multiple ring service. Essentially, two numbers ring on the same line, but each has a distinct ring pattern. Cheap devices can be purchased to separate the patterns, and some phones and fax machines have the capability built in.

Second, two standard (POTS) telephone lines can be made operational simultaneously with our existing wire. The phone jacks are wired with 2 pair or four unique wires. Modern phone systems only require 1 pair, two unique wires, to operate. (ring & tip) The second pair can be re-assigned to a second telephone number.



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